Fulfilling all your therapy and special education needs.

Throughout California, Michigan, and Ohio, we partner with a variety of healthcare providers as well as public, charter, and private schools to offer therapeutic and special education services online and in schools, homes, communities, and in our own family-centered clinics.

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Therapy Services

Offering a wide range of therapeutic services in homes, communities, and family-centered clinics.

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School Services

Working with our school clients to provide outstanding special education services and support to students and schools.

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Online Services

Using secured data, real-time delivery, we reach children, youth, professionals, and parents any time, any place.

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Make a difference in the lives of individuals with special needs and their families. Be part of the solution. Join our team.

From Our Blog

Behavior Management Toolbox III

In this Behavior Management Tool Box series, I have previously presented Token Economy and Response Cost. Today I would like to present a very simple and yet powerful strategy for those kids that engage in non-compliance behaviors.
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Two Things to Look For in an ABA Intervention

Non-compliance is universal and normal. It is a problem when it is excessive and disrupts the daily life. Children have individual personalities and their own likes and dislikes. However, children need to follow reasonable directions from parents, teachers, and other adults. When they don’t it is a source of frustration and stress to adults’ life.
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