Autism Services and Programs


There are a variety of programs to help children with Autism develop, and each child requires a unique mix of services.  Some of these service options include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Social Skills Training, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Tutoring, and/or Behavioral Support and Counseling. Because every child is unique, TES will begin with a comprehensive evaluation that determines a child’s strengths and weaknesses and can guide treatment planning.

Given the unique challenges associated with being on the Autism Spectrum, it is essential to ensure that your child has the right educational environment to help facilitate growth throughout all areas of development. Typically, this requires specialized educational services via an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) or an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP). Your child has the right to an educational plan that is free, appropriate, and least restrictive. As a parent, it is important to speak to your school or local early intervention agency to request services as soon as you have concerns, as well as to be an active partner in the educational and therapeutic process.