Code of Ethics

Our code of ethics establishes the standards of conduct that guide us in exercising sound professional judgment. Our core values are a reflection of our commitment to our clients, our students and their families, our communities, our colleagues, and ourselves. These values inspire our professional excellence and are the basis of our reputation as a principled, dedicated organization that provides outstanding educational services.

Trust – We promote a trustworthy, dependable environment in which we impart reliable support   to all those we serve. Our integrity is visible as we deliver quality services through expertise,  compassion and creativity.

Expertise – We take every opportunity to gain experience and knowledge. We are lifelong learners committed to expanding and enriching our expertise through our career paths, mentorship programs, professional development, and university alliances.

SupportWe support each other, our schools, our communities, clients, children and their families to fulfill the needs of those we serve. In so doing, we encourage collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork.

Innovation – We promote an innovative, all-encompassing multi-disciplinary model. In partnership with our clientele, we practice a hands-on approach which allows us to deliver superior services in a variety of settings. This unique and comprehensive design provides a basis by which everyone can work in a highly efficient, resourceful, and fulfilling environment.

Dedication -Our dedication and professionalism are the cornerstones of our success. We are driven by compassion and the growing need for the services that we provide. In our pursuit of excellence, we are committed to continuous improvement of our people, processes and practices.

Enthusiasm – We are a team that is enthusiastically inspired and intrinsically motivated, resulting in quality work. As each day presents new challenges, we focus on the progress toward, and rewards of, our mission.

Accountability – We hold ourselves accountable for adapting techniques and methodologies to accommodate the specific and diverse needs of our clients. We ensure that our practices are accurate and compliant with applicable laws, regulations and contract requirements.