Autism Awareness Pins

Autism Awareness Pins

Our Michigan clinic staff and kids had a blast creating autism awareness pins.  Create these puzzle pins with your kids to support autism awareness!


Plastic Tablecloth
Box of puzzles
Blue, Yellow and Red Acrylic Paint
Plastic Containers
Foam Paint Brushes
Tacky Glue
Adhesive Bar Pins

Cover the table with plastic tablecloth.  Pour blue, yellow, and red acrylic paint in the plastic containers.  Place containers on the table with foam brushes and puzzle pieces.

Let the fun begin!  Have the kids paint the top of the puzzle pieces.

Allow paint to dry for 20-30 minutes. Once the paint is dry, glue the puzzle pieces together. Leave overnight for the glue dry then apply the adhesive bar pin to the back of the puzzle pieces.

Support autism awareness and share this pin!

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