Donut Wall

Donut Wall

At TES, we enjoy celebrating our employees anniversaries.  For the month of March, our ESS Program Manager Alex  R. created a donut wall.


Pegboard Hooks
Flag and Donut Garlands
Paint (Optional)
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Fresh Donuts

Start with a pegboard and choose the size and dimension that works best for you.  If you want a frame, use baseboards and cut the edges at an angle to create the frame.  You can paint the baseboard frame any color you like.  In our case, we chose red.  Use a glue gun loaded with a glue stick to glue the baseboard frame to the pegboard.

Decorate the board with flag and donut garlands.

Add pegboard hooks to the board.

Finally, add colorful and yummy donuts to the board.  Use any additional decorations for the table.

There you have it!  A donut wall for your employees, parties, and other events!  Enjoy!

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