Loving Someone with Autism Door Sign

Loving Someone with Autism Door Sign

Our Michigan clinic regional director created this custom Loving Someone with Autism door sign. Create one for your office or home today!


Scrap Piece of Wood (reused from wood pallet)
Acrylic Paint (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow)
White Wooden Letters
Index Card
Wood Glue
Velcro Command Strips

I used a scrap piece of wood that I found from a really nice pallet.  I purchased acrylic paint and wooden letters from Michaels.

I cut the puzzle piece out from an index card that was folded in half, length wise. I used that as a stencil and traced it on the board.

I painted the puzzle piece in patches.

I glued the letters on with wood glue and we hung it with Velcro Command strips.

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