Mess-Free Finger Painting!

Mess-Free Finger Painting!

Do you want a fun activity without the mess?  Try our Mess-Free Finger Painting for a fun activity with your kids!



Paper Towel
Plastic Wrap
Canvas Board
Acrylic Paint (Copper, White, and Three Different Types of Blue)


Start by selecting the colors of acrylic paint you want to use.  I chose Copper, White, and three different types of Blue.  Lay the blank canvas on a paper towel to avoid excess paint on your table.   Put blobs of paint all over the canvas leaving white areas to merge the paint.

Cover with plastic wrap.  Make sure it wraps entirely around the canvas.

Now it’s time for your child to have fun!  Let them blend and swirl the paint. 

When your child is finished ‘painting’ unwrap and lift the plastic wrap straight up and off the canvas.  Make sure the paint is completely dry before moving or framing.

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