Total Education Solutions (TES) is a privately held company established in 1997 by Dr. Nancy J. Lavelle, who also founded the nationally recognized non-profit  Institute for the Redesign of Learning (IRL). In 1974, Dr. Lavelle, started a special education school in Alhambra, California and named it the Almansor Center. She believed that every child, even though deemed “difficult to teach,” was a “pearl” and that with dedication and persistence she could illuminate the potential within him or her. Since its inception, the school has grown to offer early education, special education, mental health, transition and adult, and community outreach services while staying true to its child-centric roots. Along with this expansion of services, this growth also led to the creation of Total Education Solutions.

From our early start as a consulting company to charter schools, we have rapidly expanded our services in California, Michigan, and Ohio, where we now operate five multidisciplinary clinics. In person and online, we are proud to serve thousands of children and adults with special needs at hundreds of public, charter, and private school sites, group homes, and our family-centered clinics.