Teletherapy Services


Using Blackboard, a secure, browser-based platform, we provide interactive therapeutic and support services any time, any place.

Our teletherapy services program provides therapeutic, educational, and consultative services to individuals using Blackboard; an interactive, engaging, HIPAA compliant platform. Our sessions foster rich collaboration and tangible results through proven methods, as well as high quality audio and video. By stepping out of the traditional therapeutic environment, our clients and therapists enjoy privacy, flexibility, and cooperation in a live, multimedia setting.

Our Standard Practices

• Sessions can be held in various languages
• Licensed and/or certified professionals
• Flexible schedule
• Consultation and training
• A variety of payment options

Our teletherapy services include:

• OT
• PT
• Counseling and Guidance
• Educational Services
• Nursing

Speech and Language

Speech and Language services are centered on interactive therapeutic activities that address the following:

• Speech Intelligibility to include articulation and phonology
• Receptive, expressive and pragmatic/social language
• Voice and speech fluency

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy services are focused on development and assistance of skills required for performing activities for daily living, including:

• Fine motor and visual motor skills
• Postural control, coordination, and balance skills
• Sensory integration, sensory processing, and modulation skills
• Feeding and swallowing skills

 Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy services help children achieve their maximal functional mobility and independence through specialized and individualized techniques incorporating:

• Strengthening, motor learning, balance, and coordination skills
• Developmental and play activities
• Mobility and positioning equipment recommendations
• Promotion of health, wellness, and preventative care
• Parent/caregiver/patient education, knowledge translation, and support
• Sports and orthopedic rehab

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) addresses behaviors in the most natural way, across different settings, in order to:

• Increase Functional Skills and Independence
• Increase Communication Skills
• Reduce Excess or Maladaptive Behaviors

Counseling and Guidance

Counseling and Guidance Services address social emotional wellness, social skills, coping strategies, and academic guidance by focusing on:

• Confidence and self-esteem
• Communication, interpersonal relationships, and conflict resolution
• Areas of need such as depression, anxiety or attention deficit
• Study skills, college, vocational, and career planning

Educational Services

Educational Services provide personalized academic instruction and foster educational confidence through:

• Academic support in a variety of subjects areas
• Test preparation  and study skills
• On-going informal and formal assessments
• Individualized and measurable learning goals

Health and Nursing

Health and Nursing Services focus on assessing client needs and recommending appropriate support by providing:

• Health and device monitoring
• Treatment protocols
• Live tele-consultation
• Patient education
• Follow-up care