Year Round Programs

We provide a range of special education and therapeutic services in homes, communities, schools, online, and at our TES clinics. These multispecialty treatment centers enable our qualified professionals to address language, learning, developmental, motor, behavioral, and emotional challenges, as well as autism spectrum disorders.

Mother Walking Daughter Down Balance Beam

Our clinics feature multiple therapy rooms filled with educational and therapeutic tools that let our specialists keep sessions enjoyable while helping your child achieve specific goals. Our Occupational and Physical Therapy gyms provide dynamic therapy environments that promote cutting-edge techniques and feature modern equipment such as zip lines, balls pits, and mini jungle gyms.

Collaborating among therapists and utilizing a multidisciplinary approach allows our professionals to discover new and innovative treatments, providing our staff and clients with the conditions necessary to ensure progress.

Our services include:

Language and Speech Therapy
Behavioral Support Services
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Tutoring and Intensive Academic Instruction
• Developmental Screenings in Speech and Language, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy
Programs offered during school breaks

Our Therapists

Our recruitment process ensures that only the most qualified candidates who show a passion for the service they deliver join our team. Following industry-wide best practices, all of our employees undergo applicable background checks and are provided support as they transition into each new assignment. We ensure the highest standard of service delivery and professional performance from all of our staff in order to ensure that each of our clients reaches their goals. Positions include:

Adaptive Physical Education Teachers
Resource Specialists
Behavior Intervention Specialists and Development Supervisors
School Counselors and Psychologists and Marriage and Family Therapists
School Nurses
Board Certified Behavior Analysts
Special Education Coordinators
Speech and Language Pathologists, Assistants, and Specialists
Occupational Therapists
Para Professionals
Tutors and Intensive Academic Instructors