School Nursing Services

Registered Nurses

Nursing Services are an essential part of school compliance, meeting the state law requisite that calls for enrolled students to undergo vision and hearing tests every three years. These screenings are highly beneficial in identifying problems that could adversely affect a student’s ability to succeed within a general education program. Our nurses are trained in providing the following specialized services to each school:

• Vision, Hearing and Scoliosis Screenings
• Health Assessment, Education, and Counseling
• Specialized Physical Health Care Services (APHCS)      Training, Supervision, and Direct Care
• Medication Administration, Training, and Supervision
• Section 504 Assessments, Individualized Healthcare Plans (IHPs), and Emergency Care Plans (ECPs)
• Case Management, Student Records Maintenance, Referrals and Follow-up
• Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) and Oral Health Assessments
• Communicable Diseases Prevention and Control
• Crisis Response, Trauma Management and Assessment