Service Providers

TES ensures the highest standard of service delivery and professional performance by inviting only the most qualified and dedicated candidates to be a part of our team. We strongly believe in using a multidisciplinary approach in trainings, treatments, and service delivery, encouraging specialists to work together in creating customized solutions and achieving student goals.

Parents and caregivers can rest assured that TES hires only the most qualified professionals. Our recruiting process ensures that our specialists undergo all appropriate background checks, are highly qualified, and are committed to providing the best possible services.

Our school clients, and other publicly funded agencies that utilize our services, benefit from a unique and unparalleled experience. We ensure our clients get the most value for their special education budget by providing an array of services such as special education management, compliance monitoring, training, and staffing solutions. With decades of knowledge in the areas of compliance and administration, we offer our clients the opportunity to reduce expenditures without reducing quality. Our fees include costs associated with:

We reduce employment costs without reducing quality. Our fees include costs associated with:

• Recruiting and hiring costs
• On-boarding
• Credential and license monitoring
• DOJ, TB, and fingerprint clearances
• Orientation and training
• Ongoing TES professional development salary
• Payroll taxes
• Unemployment insurance
• Workers compensation insurance
• Health and retirement benefits
• Professional liability insurance
• Sick leave
• Vacation and holiday benefits

A foundation of our multidisciplinary approach is a support system of mentoring programs designed for new and experienced staff. These programs ease transition into new roles, and help employees enrich their knowledge and reach their professional goals. In addition, we provide professional development systems that facilitate learning opportunities and enrich personal and professional goals.

To find a detailed description of our offerings, please visit our Areas of Expertise.