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DMI Therapy for Kids to Help Them Be Happy, Functioning, and Thriving

When you think about children with motor disabilities, what comes to mind? Do you imagine a child in a wheelchair who is unable to walk or move around on their own? You are not alone if this is your image of a child with motor disabilities. However, the development of DMI therapy is disrupting this […]

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Hypotonia Treatment Exercises That Help Strengthen Muscles

Hypotonia, also known as floppy infant syndrome or floppy baby syndrome, is a condition characterized by low muscle tone and muscle strength. Although it’s the most commonly occurring condition that impacts an infant’s motor skills, it’s not completely understood. Seeing your baby struggle to sit upright on their own can be distressing for any parent. […]

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What Is a Behavior Intervention Plan & How Can It Help?

Being a parent extends beyond simply giving birth or fathering a child. It includes protecting, providing for, and teaching kids how to successfully grow into independent individuals. A large part of guiding your children is instilling the right values and behaviors that will help them make the right decisions in life. Many parents struggle with […]

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school social worker interacting with children in the classroom

What Is a School Social Worker and How Can They Support Classrooms?

Social work is a crucial but demanding job, so social workers have to be passionate about what they do and genuinely care about the children and people they help. School social workers are often the last line of defense for problematic students between an average, successful education and placement in at-risk programs. Social workers are […]

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