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NEUROPLASTICITY – You are the Creator of Your Life

REWIRE YOUR BRAIN Current environmental conditions have us in a state of unpredictability, constant changes (school closures, quarantine, curfews, instability in work, restrictions, uprising etc.) and like a broken record “we are living in unprecedented times.” The unknown is infamous for triggering survival instinct acting upon our fears, stress, and anger. Behaviors may manifest in […]

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Screen Time and Eye Health

Ever wondered how the how screen time and its artificial light is affecting your eye health? Most Americans spent a significant portion of their life with their eyes glued to electronic devices of one sort or another. Artificial sources of light include LED and fluorescent lights, and digital devices including flat-screen televisions, smartphones, e-readers, and […]

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Myth or Fact? All children are picky eaters, and eventually they all outgrow it

This is a myth being stated frequently by well-intentioned professionals in an attempt to convince parents that they do not need to be worried about their child’s poor eating habits. However, it is not true that all children are picky. According to research in the field of Feeding Disorders, only 20-30% of children will struggle […]

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Ask an Expert Series: Questions and Answers on Behavior Therapy

Total Education Solutions (TES) created a question and answer series on our Instagram page called Ask an Expert.  Our Behavior Therapist, Melissa Sundt M.S., BCBA, LBA, answered the most common questions regarding Behavior Therapy.  Melissa is a licensed Behavior Analyst in Michigan and has been a BCBA for almost 3 years. She received her master’s […]

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