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fun ways to spend time at home with kids

A Fun Way to Spend Time with Your Kids at Home

Bring Out Sidewalk Chalk Kids love chalk, and parents do too! Chalk can be quick and simple when coming up with activities for your child or family to enjoy at home or a park. What makes chalk fun is that it is easy to use with very little prep and easy cleanup. The weather is […]

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occupational therapy

Ask an Expert Series: Questions and Answers on Occupational Therapy

Total Education Solutions (TES) created a question and answer series on our Instagram page called Ask an Expert. Our Occupational Therapist, Monica McCallum, MS, OTR/L, answered the most common questions regarding Occupational Therapy. Monica McCallum, MS, OTR/L is a licensed and certified Occupational Therapist in Michigan, and has been an OT for 6 years. She received her […]

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diy paper crafts for kids

DIY Paper Crafts For Kids – Occupational Therapy

Face Frog Craft Did you know that frogs come from eggs? Frogs lay their eggs in water. The eggs hatch into tadpoles that swim in the water. Tadpoles use their tails to swim. As the tadpole gets older it grows 2 legs. Then it grows 2 more legs to become a froglet. A froglet loses its […]

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Helping picky eaters with Sequential Oral Sensory Approach blog banner image

Helping picky eaters with Sequential Oral Sensory Approach

“My child is a picky eater, should I be worried?”  Many children are picky eaters and will expand their diets as they grow and develop.  However, the real concern is children who are not just picky eaters but those who are problem feeders. Current research shows that most problem feeders have underlying deficits including motor- […]

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