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kids shown playing adapted PE games

Best Adapted Physical Education Games: 5 Activities for Kids

When you’re a child, everything is difficult because everything is new.  Hopping on one foot, catching a ball, doing a somersault – any of these can be challenging when you’re four years old and still learning about how the world works. For children with disabilities or special needs, navigating the world is even more challenging, […]

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pediatric physical therapy toys for holiday gift ideas

Physical Therapy Toys: A Holiday Shopping List

When shopping for toys for your little one, it’s important to keep gross motor skill development in mind. Gross motor skills are those which require whole body movement and which involve the large, core-stabilizing muscles of the body to perform everyday functions, such as walking, running, and sitting upright. Gross motor skills also include hand-eye […]

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cuevas medek exercise blog banner image

Ask an Expert Series: Questions and Answers on Cuevas Medek Exercise

Total Education Solutions (TES) created a question and answer series on our Instagram page called Ask an Expert. Our Physical Therapist, Cassie Rice, answered the most common questions regarding Cuevas Medek Exercise. Cassie Rice, PT, is a physical therapist who graduated with her doctorate degree from Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY in 2013. She worked […]

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activities that allow kids to reduce screen time

Activities to Reduce Screen Time and Increase Movement During COVID19

As families are balancing working from home, parenting, schooling, cooking meals, maintaining the house, and keeping kids entertained, all while staying sane and healthy, it’s understandable why we’ve needed to rely on cell phones, devices, screens, toys and educational apps a little (or a lot) more to help navigate our new normal. While the Centers […]

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