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Shari P.

I wanted to give a special shout-out to Shari P. She is our school nurse for the TES Academy and for charter schools. Shari is running all over the state to ensure our vision and hearing screenings are up to date and making sure schools are setting up COVID protocols. Shari is our TES Nurse […]

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Robin M.

Robin is an SLP in the Cincinnati area as well as online. She brings such amazing knowledge and calmness to the team. She is dedicated and always makes TES stand out wherever she is working. We appreciate you and you are a TES Hero.

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Richard H.

Thank you for leading our Columbus team. You have jumped on board and have really helped us pave the way with CR/LEARN and overall developing the behavior team. You did this during COVID and continue to lead with dedication and professionalism. You are a TES Hero!

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Mandy C.

Mandy has been with TES for 9 years. She is dedicated to the students and TES. She is truly someone you can count on to care for the students and always do the right thing. We appreciate you Mandy. Thank you for being a TES Hero.

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